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” If you ever need a locksmith I would definitely recommend FC Locksmith. I recently had a tenant that refused to pay rent. I basically had to evict them and it wasn’t a pretty sight. I was worried that they might still have a key to the house, so I called FC Locksmith and they sent a locksmith to replace the locks on all of the doors. It didn’t take long and I paid a very good price.”

~ Harold W.

” I came home one night after a Canadians game and found that my apartment had been burglarized. My TV was gone and so were some other items. The lock on the apartment door had been broken and the security chain snapped off the wall. It was a mess! I called FC Locksmith after a friend recommended them. They sent a locksmith within the hour (even though it was after midnight) and he replaced the damaged lock and fitted a new security chain. Being robbed was horrible but at least it was cleared-up quickly. ”

~ Sam A.

” I used FC Locksmith Montreal to fix a broken lock on my garage. The locksmith was professional and courteous, and quickly completed the job. He even took a quick look at the garage door itself to make sure it was secure. Recommended. ”

~ Vicky U.

” I’ve been caretaking an apartment building for 15 years. The locksmith I used to use retired a year or so ago. Ever since I’ve been using FC Locksmith. They’ve proven to be reliable and experts in their trade. That’s what I expect, and that’s what I get. I recommend you use them too. ”

~ Alex T.

” Just now got into my house, thanks to FC Locksmith Montreal. I caught the bus to work today as my car was in the shop. I didn’t lock the door behind me as my husband was leaving later – he was catching a plane instead of going to the office. It was only when I returned home that I realized I’d left my house keys inside. I panicked for a little while but then went next door. My neighbor recommended I call FC Locksmith as she had used them earlier in the year. I did just that and within 30 minutes there was a locksmith opening my front door. I thanked him through my embarrassment but thought the company as a whole deserved some thanks through the internet. Thanks. ”

~ Natalie R.

” Excellent locksmith service. I’ve used these guys a few times now and they’re always professional and quick. They charge a good price too. ”

~ Lisa D.

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