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Privacy policy

At FC Locksmith Montreal we value your custom and we would like you to feel safe and secure while you visit our website. The privacy policy collected below details how your information is collected, shared, used, and secured while you browse the website. This information relates to all pages stemming from our main website:

I. How Information is Collected

FC Locksmith Montreal only collects information that is voluntarily submitted by the website user (‘the user’ forthwith). Voluntary submission relates to that information that is supplied via the website’s contact form as well as that supplied via direct correspondence, including email, telephone conversations, and written letters.

FC Locksmith Montreal does not covertly collect any data or information, ensuring that the user can browse comfortably and confidently.

II. How Information is Shared

Information supplied to FC Locksmith Montreal is considered private and confidential and is handled as such. The information is only seen by FC Locksmith Montreal employees, all of whom have signed written agreements not to disseminate any information.

FC Locksmith Montreal will not share information with third parties without the written approval of the user.

FC Locksmith Montreal is obliged by law to provide any private and confidential information collected to any authority legally permitted to receive such information, to assist with criminal and fraud investigations.

III. How Information is Used

FC Locksmith Montreal may store certain information to use in terms of marketing and promotion at a later date. Such information may include, but is not limited to, telephone numbers and email and postal addresses.

The user has the right to refuse such promotions and can request removal from the mailing list at any time by contacting FC Locksmith Montreal direct. Following a request for removal from the scheme, any such communication will be discontinued within 28 days.

IV: How Information is Secured

This section details how your information is secured both during your browsing and afterwards.

I. Browser Security

FC Locksmith Montreal uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect users of its website. SSL ensures that the information supplied by users is encrypted before being sent, meaning that if illegally intercepted it will be protected.

II: Data Storage

All information received by FC Locksmith Montreal is securely stored in house using shielded hardware and software. This includes all computers, hard drives, and servers used by the company.

V: Further Information

This section details miscellaneous information regarding the website in its entirety.

I: Links to Third Party Web Pages and Websites

Although great care and attention is taken to prevent unwanted linking between the website and third parties, in some cases links to third party websites may appear on any of the website’s individual pages. FC Locksmith Montreal is not liable for the subject matter and content of any such website, including any malicious software that may be installed on the user’s own computer.

II: Malicious Software

Great care and attention is paid to ensuring that the website is free of any malicious software. However, FC Locksmith Montreal is not accountable for any harm caused by the installation of any malicious software, including Trojans, viruses, spyware, adware, and malware, that is installed on a user’s computer in the event that such software evades the extensive checks carried out.

III: Contact Details

Customers can contact FC Locksmith Montreal using the following methods:

 By telephone using the number: 514-312-8370/514-667-5834

 By using the website’s contact form found here:

VI: Amendments to this Privacy Policy

FC Locksmith Montreal reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time in accordance with the changing rules and regulations governing online use. The term ‘amend’ includes, but is not limited to, any alterations on the existing content, new content inclusion and old content removal. In order for visitors to the website to keep up to date with this privacy policy, it is recommended that they revisit the policy on a regular basis. Any amendments that will greatly impact the use of the website will be documented on the main page at

VII: Queries and Concerns

The user is welcome to contact FC Locksmith Montreal – using any of the methods listed above – if they have any enquiries or concerns regarding how this Privacy Policy is used, or if they would like additional information.

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